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Lab on a Chip - Pioneers in Miniaturization Lectureship

Lab on a Chip is proud to sponsor the fifteenth Pioneers of Miniaturization Lectureship, to honor and support the up and coming, next generation of scientists who have significantly contributed to the understanding or development of miniaturised systems.

The Lectureship consists of the following elements:
  • A prize of US$3,000. No other financial contribution will be offered
  • A certificate recognising the winner of the lectureship
  • The awardee is required to give a short lecture at this year's µTAS Conference
Eligibility Criteria
To be eligible for the lectureship, candidates must:
  • Have completed their PhD
  • Be actively pursuing an independent research career on miniaturised systems.
  • Be at an early-mid career stage of their independent career (typically this will be within 15 years of completing their PhD, but appropriate consideration will be given to those who have taken a career break or followed a different study path).
Nomination Process
Nominations can be made by anyone and must be sent via email.
Self-nominations are not permitted. All nominators will be asked to confirm that, to the best of their knowledge, their nominee's professional standing is such that there is no confirmed or potential impediment to them receiving the Lectureship.
  • A recommendation letter, including the name, contact details and website URL of the nominee
  • A one-page CV for the nominee, including their date of birth, summary of education and career, a list of up to five of their top independent publications, total numbers of publications
  • A one-page statement of achievement with a lay summary, written by the nominee describing their best accomplishments
  • A supporting letter of recommendation from an independent referee. This could be for example the nominee's post doc or PhD supervisor.
Selection Criteria and Judging Process
  • The decision on the winner of the lectureship will be made by a panel of judges comprising members from the Lab on a Chip Editorial Board, coordinated by the Executive Editor of Lab on a Chip.
  • The award is for outstanding contributions to the understanding or development of miniaturised systems. This will be judged mainly through their top 1-3 papers and/or an invention documented by patents/or a commercial product. Awards and honorary memberships may also be considered.
Please visit the official website for additional information.

Past Winners

MicroTAS 2023 Conference, Katowice, POLAND
David Issadore, University of Pennsylvania, USA

MicroTAS 2022 Conference, Online
Yi-Chin Toh, Queensland University of Technology, AUSTRALIA

MicroTAS 2021 Conference, Palm Springs, USA
Keisuke Goda, University of Tokyo, JAPAN

MicroTAS 2020 Conference, Online
Wilbur A. Lam, Emory University, USA and Georgia Technical University, USA

MicroTAS 2019 Conference, Basel, SWITZERLAND
Professor Hang Lu, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

MicroTAS 2018 Conference, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Sunghoon Kwon, Seoul National University, Korea

MicroTAS 2017 Conference, Savannah, Georgia, USA
Aaron Wheeler, University of Toronto, CANADA

MicroTAS 2016 Conference, Dublin, Ireland
Professor Daniel Irimia, Massachusetts General Hospital, USA

MicroTAS 2015 Conference, Gyeongju, Korea
Dino Di Carlo, University of California, Los Angeles, USA

MicroTAS 2014 Conference, San Antonio, Texas, USA
Professor Sangeeta N. Bhatia, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

MicroTAS 2013 Conference, Freiburg, Germany
Shuichi Takayama, University of Michigan, USA

MicroTAS 2012 Conference, Okinawa Japan
Andrew deMello, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

MicroTAS 2011 Conference, Seattle, Washington, USA
Ali Khademhosseini, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

MicroTAS 2010 Conference, Groningen, The Netherlands
Stephen Quake, Stanford University, USA

MicroTAS 2009 Conference, ICC Jeju, Jeju, Korea
Professor Abe Lee, University of California, Irvine, USA

MicroTAS 2008 Conference, San Diego, California, USA
Dr. Patrick Doyle, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

MicroTAS 2007 Conference, Paris. France
Dr. Manabu Tokeshi, Nagoya University, Japan

MicroTAS 2006 Conference, Tokyo, Japan
Dr. David Beebe, University of Wisconsin, USA